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(with organizational affiliations for identification):

Veronica Arreola, educator, blogger (;
Mike Barr, documentary filmmaker; 
Jeremy Gantz, Web Editor, In These Times;
Karen Bond, National Black Coalition for Media Justice;
Larry Duncan, Labor Beat;
Jeannette Foreman, Youth Media Justice Project;
Kevin Gozstola, documentary filmmaker, Columbia College student;
Robert Koehler, syndicated columnist;
Kevin O'Donnell, SEIU Local 1;
Mitchell Szczepanczyk, Chicago Media Action; 
Tim Wais, HumanThread;
Harvey Wells, Webnews Corp., Vice President, WCPT820 AM;
Antonio Zavala, freelance journalist.

Co-sponsors list, final:

Metro Chicago Progressive Media Network;
Chicago Against War and Injustice;
Chicago Digital Access Alliance (CDAA);
Chicagoland E-Democracy Initiative;
Chicago Media Action;
Chicago Net Tuesday Meetup Group;
Community Media Workshop;
College of Complexes
Ecojustice Collaborative
Henry George School of Social Sciences
Illinois Ballot Integrity Project;
Illinois Community Technology Coalition (ILCTC);
Illinois Green Party;
Illinois Singlepayer Coalition
International Socialist Review (NFP);
In These Times;
Media Burn;
Media Geek Radio Show;
National Black Coalition for Media Justice;
National Writers Union - Chicago Chapter;
Near West Citizens for Peace and Justice;
Nicaragua Solidarity;
North Shore Coalition for Peace, Justice and the Environment;
Progressive Democrats of America (Chicago);
Resources Unlimited Hey Neighbor Project;
World Can't Wait - Chicago;

[List still in formation; contact us to co-sponsor, no cost]

To: Organization contact person

From: Media Democacy Day - Chicago 2009 planners

The Metro Chicago Progressive Media Network is organizing the 2009 Media Democracy Day - Chicago, Saturday, November 7, 2009, 1-4 pm, at Grace Place, 637 S. Dearborn, Chicago, and would like to invite (name of organization) to be a co-sponsor of the event.

We are asking co-sponsors to:

1. Publicize the event widely to their membership, by list serves or word of mouth

2. Encourage participation at the event, with at least one member attending

3. If possible, have a member at the event who can help with registration

Benefits of co-sponsorship:

1. Listing on the event program

2. Space for tabling at the event

3. Opportunity to contribute input to planning the event

We hope a number of your members and supporters attend. These are some of the people we hope to have participate, since the event is a "working" forum and sharing action ideas, as well as sharing information and networking, is a primary focus of the event.

Questions about MDD

Who's going to represent my organization at the event?

All members of your organization are invited to attend. The event is open to the public and the breakout sessions are open to all attendees. The event is especially designed for progressive media professionals, progressive media activists, and activists who wish to access the media to actively participate in the breakout sessions in both the discussions and formulation of action ideas.

What will the other panelists address?

The panel is aimed at covering a wide range of media reform topics, including all four of the quadrants of the media map presented by Carol and Hackett and a variety of issues relating to specific communities (eg., Latino, African-American, women, GLBT, and youth).

Media Map/Quadrants:

1) mainstream media itself, its content, structure, sources, balance, etc.

2) alternative media of all types, including TV, radio, print, performance, and graphics,

3) public awareness and education about the media, and

4)the media environment, including legislation and regulations.

The panel also is planned to include media representatives from the Latin-American community, the African-American community, women, youth, and the GLBT community.

Is there more information about the event?

See our website:

What' are the longer term prospects?

There are a variety of possibilities for long term prospects:

. Increased networking

. Continued discussion

. Implementation of action ideas

. Increased ability to reach out "beyond the choir"

. Follow-up forums

. An annual Media Democracy Day in Chicago

. Partnering with other urban centers for media reform events

. Pressing for real media reform

. Becoming our own media

What role can my organization have in planning?

All planning meetings are open. The next in-person planning meeting will be 7-9 pm, Monday, October 26 at the Golden Apple, 2971 N. Lincoln.

Let us know if you would like to be added to our organizing committee list. (your contact information.)

Which other co-sponsors are there or are expected?

Co-sponsor list is in formation:


In These Times

Nicaragua Solidarity Free Trade


Information about the event is pasted below. Also, feel free to contact me at 708 447-1547 or if you have any questions about the event or about co-sponsorship.

A copy of the event flyer is also available at the event website:

Please publicize widely.

Please let us know by October 26, 2009, so we can include your organization's name on our Event Brochure as a co-sponsor.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


. . .

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." -Edmund Burke